Its about how the Learning has become so dynamic in current Scenario.

 “ I am learning all the time, my tombstone will be my diploma.” 

E. Kitts

 Learning  is continuous  process.  India is hub of education , we have world class education programs.  From ancient days we have gurukul ( ancient old residential school )  and guru shishya parampara.

 For children we have Byju,  Extramarks, Urban Pro  and Ufaber it starts from class 4 to 12 th standard.  We have many online platforms for JAT, IELTS, PTE, TOEFL , CAT, GATE  and government job entrance exams.

We  learn from elders, seniors, co workers and friends. Some times we learn from children.  From  learning and development  courses we can perform better at workplace .We can get better job and business opportunities.  We can get promotion at workplace.

 We have started from class room , face to face sessions and group sessions. Now, we have on line classes, video lectures and webinars. You tube is good platform for online classes and courses.

We have live sessions and recorded sessions. Nowadays, we have  online Master degree and PGDM programs XLRI has satellite program for working professional.

So with the help of technology and education apps and learning and development applications, we can learn from any where and any time. We are not bound , we are flexible and maintain work life balance.  We need to understand we all have different learning curves. As Trainer, Facilitator,   Mentor or Teacher we need to build  good rapport with participant , trainee or mentee.

 If we talk about group sessionas Trainer / Mentor we have to move group in same pace.  For slow learner we have to wait  and make him/ her understand and teach him  from all corners.  We should understand we all have different tendency to learn.

 Online teaching is dynamic .   We can use many platforms like skype, zoom, go to meeting, google hangout and whatapp.

  We can do mentoring, coaching, counselling, teaching, training and conduct business and official meeting on various platforms. We can hold  job interview by video conferencing. Three or more than three people  can conduct job interview for a candidate.  It saves time and money of organization.

From my experience I do not find any disadvantage if we use online platforms, one drawback sometimes  we face bad internet connection.

In digital era, we encourage to use online platforms.


 Happy Learning !!

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