This article is about career in Graphics Designing

The career in Graphic designing is all about creating visual concepts manually or with the use of computer software to create ideas that could communicate the purpose of any Brand or any Product or Service, As a Graphic Designer their responsibility include developing the overall layout and product designing for Advertisements, Brochures, Magazines, Electronic Media and Corporate Reports, Digital Publishing etc.

The Job Profile of Graphic designer include following –

  1. Determining the scope of project in collaboration with the client.
  2. Advising clients on strategies to target a particular Market Segment.
  3. Determining the message of the design.
  4. Making images relating to the product or conveying the Brand Message.
  5. Developing Graphics for Logos, Websites and Product illustration.
  6. Selecting and Finalizing the Layout, Colors, Images and Text Styles.
  7. Presenting design to the Clients or the Art Director.
  8. Incorporate the respective changes recommended by the client in the final Product.
  9. Reviewing the design for possible errors before Publishing.

The Graphic designer is the one who combine the Art and Technology to beautifully represent the corporate idea to its Target audiences. The Graphic designer utilizes the mixture of creative art images, matching colors and Text to communicate the voice of a Brand. The selection of Type,Font,Color,Size,Heading,Line and Length of Heading and Text etc. all is done by him , They also decide the appearance of Image and Text and also decide the spaces between them .

 The Graphic designer need to work in cooperation with the Writers who decide whether the words will be put into Paragraphs, Lists or Tables.

The Graphic designer has the capacity to recreate a complex concept into an easily understandable visual representation with the help of image, color, design, fonts etc. This makes the idea more open and accessible to peoples.

The Graphic designer work closely with people in Advertising, Public Relation and Marketing as they are the key peoples related to represent the company in the market for which at some juncture the need the help of Graphic designer.

The Graphic designer need to keep themselves updated with latest software’s and other technologies to stay competitive in market.

The Graphic designer can also work as UI/UX Professional after some year of working as Designer.

The Actual Skill which one need to carry in order to pursue career in this field are –

  • Analytical Skills
  • Artistic Ability
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Creativity
  • Time-Management Skills

Ultimately this career is all about natural Creative out of Box Thinking.

The Entry level Job in Graphic designing Pays around Rs. 135 k which can go up to average of Rs. 779 k.

The Tools which a Graphic Designer must know are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw etc.   



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