The Article describe the practical aspects about career in Animation.


The job of the Animator is to create Animation and Visual Effects for everything ranging from films and video games to television, mobile devices and other forms of media using Illustration and Software Programs, A Animator also create Graphics and develop story boards, drawings and Illustrations. The Animator is also involved in planning the narrative sequence and assisting in overall Production background designing and Production Coordination.

The Animator has to do a lot of Research on any of his new project to perfectly suggest and create new Animation Formats which the client may interest in, they edit and animate the effects based upon the feedback they receive from Directors, Other Animator, Games Designer, Director, Actors and others in the staff, Based on the inputs received they have to submit the Deadlines and Development Timelines.

The Software’s used by Animators include Adobe After Effects , Adobe Premiere , Autodesk3ds Max,Auto Desk Maya are just a few leading Software Programs used by an Animator.

The Animator usually have their utilization in Movies , TV Shows , Video Games , TV Commercials , Business Prototypes etc.There are Animators who also work in creating Background Location or Scenery to appear as real Background of any Location.

The Industries where Animator work are-

Film and Television

Print and Electronic Media

Video Gaming Industry

Cartoon Making Agency

Advertising Industry

Digital E-Learning Platforms

Project based Employment

The Good thing about a Animator career is this that he can also work as a Freelancer from home.

The Animator starting salary is around Rs. 15000 to Rs. 20,000, As he goes on adding experience within a 3 year span of time he can reach up to Rs. 40000 Salary, He in case he can prove his extra creative talent the salary may rise to around INR Rs. 55000/Month.

If you keep an initial interest in Drawing or sketching images on paper this is a best career for you , A Graduation in fine Arts will fine tune you creative sketching skills although it’s not mandatory to have such degree to pursue a career in Animation , All you need a passion and conviction to excel in this field , A Diploma in Animation will be the best to give you a kick start in this industry , Depending upon the institute the fees may range from  INR 50,000 to 200 thousand and the time duration may range from 6 months to 1.5 years.

The different career profile as an Animator are Stop Motion Animator,3D Modeler, Flash Animator, Compositing Artist , Mathematical Modeler , Forensic Animator , Render Wrangler , Texture Artist.


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