This is about existing condition of Indian Education System and what exactly we are doing in Edjackly to bridge that gap.

I would like to start this article from what I have been hearing from the peoples regarding the Education system in India-

-           It lacks employability.

-          There’s a lot of gap between industry and Academia.

-          The faculties in Professional colleges lack practical orientation.

-          The students lack orientation for their career.

As per the data published by an agency called Aspiring Minds in 2019 ET Edition, 80% of Indian Engineers are not fit for any Job in the Knowledge economy , Another data says that there are 115 Million Educated youth (Age 15-29) who are “Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)” which was 70 Million in the year 2004-05.

Another data published in ET says that a mere 10 percent of B –School graduates are actually Employable, Out of 3 lakh Management Graduates coming out annually only 35000 of them are Employable. If we talk of profiles like Business Analyst and Consulting function the employability is as low as 2.5 percent.

As per the research we carried out at Edjackly and after analyzing the data that are already available, we came to the conclusion that students can be made employable only if they could posses the skills which they can monetize for self, Not every student is made for some Top notch cream profiles rather they should be made capable of choosing their field so that they could confidently move on that path.

Another aspect of our finding is this that most of the children are driven by the wishes of their parents, If they are good in maths they are forced to take Science , They are forced to take Engineering in graduation if they somehow complete their intermediate in PCM. The parents, too here are influenced by the decisions made by friends, colleagues and relatives for their own children.

The third aspect of our finding is this that students need Guidance at different levels of their career journey which is where the student lack  the setup for a right orientation for themselves so that they could have a Goal and the smaller objectives which can help them decide their future course of action.

We at Edjackly try to solve this problem with the help of Education Advisers,  Industrial Mentors,  and Domain Experts who are the people having vast exposure in the field of their Expertise , we bring the Orientation Program for different careers in the market along with some practical oriented training which equip students with the necessary skills needed for their career , Our overall aim is to make students capable of themselves exploring the Knowledge that could help shape their Skills needed by the corporates. 

If you are not clear of the Education Stream or you are still puzzled about your career since you don’t carry any employable skills, you can seek advice from the Education Adviser who after judging your overall personality and aptitude will guide you in taking the steps to further excel in the career.

If you are in Profession or a normal under graduate but still are puzzled about which field to choose for yourself you can opt for advice from Industrial experts. We have Industrial Experts from different Industries, normal under graduates could seek advice from HR Based Industrial Expert where as the rest (Tech or Professional Undergraduates) can seek Experts from their own Industry.

At the top we have Domain Experts who are  Professionals mastering certain skills which they would be sharing with the career aspirants in the same domain , they can also be your supportive guides if you need some special session on the topic of your choice , They will also act as the guide for entry level executives in Corporate sector.

As far as career is concerned a right achievable goal which If I could set for myself early in life will only define the weight of my achievements and the growth which I can attain which will further define the satisfaction I am going to draw from my chosen career path.

We would be India’s first platform utilizing the Sectoral Expert guidance for upgrading and uplifting the career of Indian students, we are on the way to Professionalizing the career guidance and Skill impartment in India, Every Professional comes with their own set of Learning and Experience which the student have option to search and opt for themselves, students can send queries to Experts even before opting for them and can rate experts as per their Experience. The Experts get chance to display their knowledge with the help of articles and can also reply to queries on their published article. The Experts are professionals who utilize their extra time in weekend or evening to engage themselves in Learning with students.


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