This Article is about student career queries and how students could get trust of their career Advisers.

When that comes to career, the Youths of India are many a times Puzzled regarding their career choices, it’s also difficult for them to have faith on someone since the cause is their life, How to get rid of this? , we have traditional career counselor who charge before advising anything to the students, how students could get the Trust of the Adviser?

We at Edjackly have the solution for this, Every Expert has its profile summary and Educational Background mentioned on the Website, Students can best relate themselves with the career journey and could directly ask them the questions, The Experts will answer their queries in next 48 hrs. , if the student find that they are satisfied with the reply they can pay and opt. the Expert as their actual guide.

If you are in Intermediate the career queries could be different and if you are in Graduation the queries can be different, Edjackly has Experts at all levels and from almost all fields to answer your queries, we believe that every individual needs some Mentoring and Motivation to Excel in the Job Market so we have Mentors who can be their Guides to give them confidence for the accuracy of their every action.

  The career queries could be of 3 types –

  1. Which Educational Stream to opt?
  2. Which Career to opt within a Industry?
  3. Queries regarding the opted Domain?


We at Edjackly have 3 different sort of Professional to answer your queries –


  1. Education Adviser
  2. Industrial Mentor
  3. Domain Experts


Education Advisers are Trained Psychometric Experts or are someone with long corporate Exposure.

They will guide you for the Education stream and different Careers you can make post the completion of Education, If you think you are not confident of the career stream you should follow post completion of your graduation or you are a Degree Holder and are not clear where, which and How to focus on a Particular stream you have a option of Industrial Mentor, The Domain Expert is the one who will solve your queries regarding some Particular Domain in the Industry Technical or Non Technical.


So now if anybody asks “Where can I ask the query regarding my career?” then you can confidently say visit the Portal of Edjackly , choose the relevant Expert and drop your queries to him ,  you will get the answer in 48 hrs.

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