What can help students stand in the Job Market ? That is appropriate guidance backed by Experts at different level of career Journey. What's needed is the acceptance by students , parents , Educationist and other Influencer of the country.

What i am seeing from few days on Linkedin , a Lot of debate going on for Edtech scenario in India , some are saying that its going to be the impactful vertical of Industry in 2020 and some are still worried in the way its transforming our students , No doubt the learning now has become so easy as it was never before in last many decades.

As per the report published in India Today 80% of our Engineers are left unemployed, the major reason being the skill gap which forms the need of Industry.The chunk of Engineers which go for Teaching in Engineering Institutions are the one who don’t put considerable interest in Professional Teaching but are only there to earn their livelihood.

Apart from Engineering other courses like MBA stand at the top of Employability of 54% , as per the India Skills report an initiative of CII,UNDP,AICTE,AIU and Wheebox (A Global Talent assessment company).

As a Career guidance agency we want to be fair in our judgment, If there are 10 jobs only 10 people will get hired and rest will be left free. It’s useless only to blame our students for their incompetency, No doubt there is a lot of gap between industry and academia but Job Creation also should be the point of consideration.

Again coming back to the point of skill gap , As per the report published on India Today the author has empasized on the need of Experiential Learning , something which can change the devastating situation of Indian Engineers , this can also be done in other fields , Its a DIY concept of engaging students in simulated environments , In simple language its about engaging students in some real time projects so that they could learn the practical aspects of the Industry.They also urged the need of Industry Mentor who can play a positive role in the student ecosystem.

If the student is in High school the branch selection he does for intermediate does define the optimum utilization of capability of any student , same is with his branch selection in Graduation and after graduation studies , This can best be done by utilizing the services of Expert Education Advisers who are the independent Practisioner and not associated with any institution.

Another reform for the Job Market here could be made by Industry Mentor who normally help student guide about their dream Industry , the specific processes and pracedure of any Industry , Helping them set a Goal in term of a Job Profile they could fit themselves as per their Educational Background and their specific aptitude.They will further help student in foundation building for the need of the profile so that they can explore the things on their own , its a DIY concept for student mostly in 3rd year of their graduation and they get ample amount of time to prepare themselves for the Job Market.

When that comes to the niche job profile in the industry , something which is not taught in the colleges , the student can take help from Domain Experts who are senior Employees in the same profile in which the student is looking to make his/her career , they will guide students for the practical insights of the Job requirement and will also help them in interview preparation and resume creation.

We are doing something similar in our startup #Edjackly , we want to help students of India in making the best career out of themselves , Our Career funnel will help them to minimize the gap which otherwise was left unfulfilled till date.

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