We conducted this interview with Aditya Singh Just to understand what existing Leadership thinks about need of Career Guidance in India.

We at Edjackly recently got an opportunity to take the interview of Aditya Singh, the Senior Corporate Leader Heading the International Business unit of Titan Company Ltd. The overall objective of the interview was to discover some insight on Career Guidance, how has been his Career Journey and the feedback on the current scenario of Education, Industry and Career building for benefit of our students. Here is a glimpse of the interview -


 1 – What made you choose your current Profession? Was this something planned or you just found your way here ?

Ans-I chose my current profession based on what I wanted to do to be able to contribute to the best of my knowledge of the industry. This has been a well-planned move based on a career plan made almost seven years back. Making career plan every few years is important to make sure you are on your chosen path and not just meandering through.

2 – Did you have any career guidance in Higher Secondary?, if not then what are your views for its importance, If yes then How did that helped you?

Ans-No, during schooling, there was no career guidance available. It's very important that kids in +2 are made aware of the variety of options and paths available.

3 – Do you think that career guidance at different level of Career journey as a School goer or a College student or a Job aspirant and even as an Early Working Professional can be helpful?

Ans-Career guidance is extremely useful and important and can be a life changer for many. This is important at multiple stages during education as well as early phases of a career.

4 – What was your career plan as an Undergraduate Student? , Was that something similar to your current profession or you aspired for something else? , How sooner you got to discover your current interest? , Do you think External guidance could help students discover their interest Early in Career journey?

Ans-As an undergraduate student, I actually had a very different career plan, albeit – by nature, it was entrepreneurship. Today, what I am doing is in a very different field but is a form of entrepreneurship. So, I am happy about it.

5 – As a School goer what was there in your mind? , Did you kept any aspiration for your career? , If yes then did you transition from your aspiration over time or you are following the same till today?

Ans-As a school goer, I did not have any career aspiration, to be frank. Possibly a vague thought of becoming a fashion designer. No, I am not pursuing that path now.

6 – “There is no doubt that Human Psychology keeps changing over time and so does the interest and the strength could be given a new paradigm after conditioning the belief one carry for him or herself “, How do you view this argument in terms of Career Planning?

Ans-This is a well-made point. The human mind thinks under defined boundary parameters and the boundaries are defined by the exposure one has. The more one explores, the broader the horizon becomes. That’s why it is recommended that at a young age one must read and travel a lot as that helps in the widening of horizons. This helps one in planning a wider variety of career choices

7 – “The Job aspirants in India need practical guidance for Industry demands “, How do you view this argument?

Ans-Definitely, it's important that job aspirants have industry insights to understand realities. Often, I have seen students having a very distorted view of the nature of work before joining the industry.

8 – Do you think that every student has certain Caliber? and that should be utilized up to an optimum level for maximum Career Satisfaction.

Ans-Indeed, every individual has a calibre. Identifying one’s passion and being able to walk that path can lead to maximum career satisfaction.

9- “In India Students are forced to choose Career by their Parents and Parents only know what the Kids in their friend or relative circle are doing “How do you view this argument? and Can we improve student’s performance by helping them with some Guided Selection of their career ?

Ans-This trend of a parent deciding kids career is seeing a definite shift in the last couple of years. Many students, with exposure to technology and the internet are standing up for their career choices. Trusted guidance towards this choice can definitely help the students and reassure the parents.

10 – We have introduced “Industry Mentoring” mostly for Undergraduate and Degree Holder Students , This will help them in Goal setting as far as Industry , Job Profile , Internship , Foundation Building etc. aspects of career are concerned , How do you think this can benefit the students ?

Ans-Industry Mentoring is a novel concept and will definitely help the students. Check out the story of FUEL, based out of Pune

11 – Do you think that a Fresher can be more competitive in the job market if he is provided with some practical guidance from the Professionals currently working in the same vertical of the Industry?


12 – Do you think that there are opportunities beyond Conventional Career as a Engineer or Doctor? , what are your some favorite career options in 2020 ?

Ans-There are a plethora of options beyond conventional choices – ranging from business analytics to sports to defence services to retail (merchandise, visual, marketing) to communication to CSR and sustainability to design.

13 – Do you think Extra certifications beyond Academics gives an extra edge to perform better in Corporate?

Ans-Certifications – No; Knowledge - Yes

14 – “The Early working Executives if provided with some guidance by their vertical Seniors in other companies can help them improve their performance “How do you view this argument?

Ans-Not necessarily, unless the mentor is from the same organization because every company’s work culture is different

15 – What is your opinion for the work we are doing at Edjackly?

Ans -Good domain to be in and a great start. Wish you all the best

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