Frequently Asked Questions!


Ans : This is a stage where you already had selected your Primary academic Branch , now Edjackly can help you understand do you really have your skin in it , will that be preferable to continue with same branch or if you have your own personal vision you can opt. someone who has already undergone through that journey.

Ans : It carries a very vast vision to impact the society at large that will include Parents, Students, Educationist, Industries, Policy makers etc. What we have observed is this that investing heavily in education can’t make you reach the pinnacle of your preferred career , ultimately its Knowledge and wisdom that works in the last , we prepare individual in this direction from the very start irrespective of whatever college/branch they are studying.

Ans : In that case you can write us directly in our Help Desk section, we will get back to you after one week with right suggested experts for you.

Ans : Career counselors have been there with past few decades, they mostly dig the psychology to determine the future of an individual whereas psychology is a construct which keeps changing with our belief and exposure we have over time, this is why we have designed various levels of guidance to accommodate those changes in the future career path of any individual.

Ans : No we can’t as success and failure both are the outcome of efforts someone puts in its journey, we can guide you for the right direction, moving ahead on that direction is the duty of candidate.

Ans : Edjackly Holds your payment till your first session happens with your selected Advisor, after that once you submit your satisfaction we would transfer the fees to respective Advisor.

Ans : We as a platform owner go through Profile of each and every expert we bring on our site , we conduct a telephonic discussion to know them well , we even keep taking feedback from students in this regard , this is how we assure of their guidance for candidates.

Ans : Anybody who is working at some top notch position in the corporate having 8+ Years of experience in its core industry with a charm of guiding youths can approach us for becoming the expert on our Platform.

Ans : It’s all about do’s and don’ts subjectively about what they did in their career and leveraged its output and what they didn’t did in their career which somewhere had put them back in comparison to their peers , Guiding for both these aspects can be a game changer , Specifically guidance on current scenario again would boost outcomes many folds.

Ans : We make your career journey Hassle free with optimized efforts in the right direction, this is going to relax the pain of this journey, even somewhere we would act as a monetary savers for students and executives. We believe that life is made to live and not to struggle so we tend to make this happen up to some extent.

Ans : In that case you can lodge your complain with us via Help Desk, we will get your problem counseled by any expert which we would think could be helpful to solve your problem.

Ans : Yes, ideally there will be a time limit allocated for every student/executive but at last it’s the call of an expert and student/executive if mutually they agree to extend their session timeline.

Ans : No , but Experts can refer students in their respective industry , ultimately it will be the preparedness that will reflect the candidate potential through his/her resume and will act as a Pull factors for the Employers.

Ans : We are into guidance, we guide and don’t train, Training companies equip, A right path chosen becomes a turning point in career, rest knowledge seeking is an endless process, Even Knowledge of key required elements of Knowledge is a Knowledge, We would guide students for this aspect of knowledge seeking.

Ans : Yes there is a basic guideline as per the vision we carry but then we believe that every person has his/her own hardships and leaning they made in their life, we give free hand for experts to add such learning in their modules, we act as a Moderator for these courses.