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Srividya is a Doctorate in Psychology with over fifteen years of experience in consulting, training, counselling, research and education. As a Human Resources professional she has been associated with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ranbaxy amongst others. As an educator she has taught in institutions in India and abroad. Some of the institutions she has been affiliated with include Delhi University, James Cook University (Singapore), Amity University and Shiv Nadar School. Srividya also consults with corporate organizations in areas of training, selection, surveys, diagnostics and change management. A patient and empathetic listener, she utilizes her experience and skills to help guide students and youth in understanding their “inner calling” while choosing a career.


  • Certified Career Analyst Programme
  • Certified Art Therapist
  • Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Trained in MBTI, FIRO-B and other psychometric tools


Testimonials of career counselling sessions:

Mid career Professional:

She is really very friendly and has a good understanding of human psyche. She helped me out to be more clear with my choice of job profile and career path. She use the scientific tools and assessment methods to provide the detailed analysis report to understand ones own inner strength better. I will strongly recommend students and mid career professionals to consult her for their career choice if they found themselves confused and stuck.

A Graduate: 

"An excellent counsellor with a great understanding of how best to put you at ease. I had gotten a referral from a family friend and was apprehensive about participating in career counselling. Most free tests I'd done online never provided me much insight but Srividya did an excellent job of creating context around my results. She helped me understand myself better. It was like I had lost key pieces of a puzzle that I had been trying to solve and she just placed them back in my hand. It is my decision to do what I think is right with them, but without her help I'd continue to feel very confused and lost.Could not recommend her more!"

A Grade XII student:

She really helped me out to be more clear with my choices and the counselling session really proved to be very beneficial. I would recommend it to all the students who want to take a more informed decision about their career choices.

A Grade VIII student:

Heard about srividya from my sons school. Was a little apprehensive how she would be as a councillor. Though it was a little early decision but thought of giving a try. Was really happy after the session because she suggested the path which my son wanted ahead in life . She guided him at early stage . Would recommend her as a counsellor and a gem of a person .



Advising Module Brief


  1. Pre Counselling Session: A brief chat with the student or professional to understand their needs and current challenges. A brief pre-counselling questionnaire needs to be filled to understand the relevant details.
  2. Assessment: A detailed online psychometric assessment of personality, career motivators, learning styles, skills and abilities and career interests.
  3. Basic Career counselling: A half hour session to explain the main report findings and career clusters
  4. Report: A detailed report of over 20 pages with details of personality, career interest, career motivators, skills & abilities and career clusters
  5. Road map: A plan that details the subjects to be pursued for the preferred career clusters
  6. Student dashboard: A database to access university information in India for selected courses and set admission related reminders


  1. Includes all aspects of Plan A
  2. Additionally, Plan B includes:
    • Two 45 minute counselling sessions
    • Post counselling support for 6 months

Availability Time


16:00 To 19:00

Not Define

Current Location


Language Proficiency

English, Hindi and Tamil


1Doctorate (Psychology)

Advising Module

1 . Subject Streaming

  • Duration (In Hours): 2
  • Total Sessions: 3
  • Duration (In Months): 1 Months
  • Added On: 24-May-2020
  • Specific Details : The Subject Streaming module is useful for students who are keen to know which subjects or streams are useful for them in high school.
  • Education Level: ,
  • Criteria:
  • Topics Covered

    Students will go through the following process to understand which subjects they should choose based on their caparbilities and interests:

    1. Pre-counselling format and discussion

    2. Online Psychometric profiling

    3. Detailed counselling session explaining strengths, personality, interests and the subject choice which seems best for the student

    4. Report with details of personality profile, leanring styles, career anchors and skills and abilities


2 . Career Planning

  • Duration (In Hours): 4
  • Total Sessions: 3
  • Duration (In Months): 0.5 Months
  • Added On: 24-May-2020
  • Specific Details : This Module helps students understand which careers are more suited for their profiles. It involves a detailed assessment, counselling and report process.
  • Education Level: ,
  • Criteria:
  • Topics Covered

    Career Selection is a process which needs to be done with a good understanding of one's skills, personality and also what is available in the environment as a viable career option.

    The process typically includes the following:

    1. Pre-counselling session/chat

    2. Psychometric profiling

    3. Career counselling session

    4. Student identifies the chosen career options

    5. Report with detailed roadmap for the chosen career options

    6. Dashboard access to university databases in India for your chosen career clusters

3 . Career Counselling for Professionals

  • Duration (In Hours): 4
  • Total Sessions: 3
  • Duration (In Months): 1 Months
  • Added On: 24-May-2020
  • Specific Details : Professionals, graduates and post graduates are often confused regarding which course to pursue, or which career to pursue. Sometimes professionals find themselves very dissatisfied with their jobs and are not sure of how/what needs to be done.
  • Education Level: ,
  • Criteria:
  • Topics Covered

    This Module helps graduates, post graduates and professionals take more informed choices regarding their careers and jobs. The framework for this is flexible and may include the following:

    1. Pre-counselling session

    2. Psychometric profiling

    3. Detailed career counselling sessions with student/professional to share and understand needs

    4. A detailed report with various career options and a roadmap for the future

    5. Follow up calls for a period of six months

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1 . Opting a Career

  • Title : Choosing careers Post C0VID19
  • Key Words :
  • Description :


    Last week, I was in a career counselling session with an undergraduate. He was keen to figure out what to do next as jobs become scarce in the COVID-19 crisis. If he decided to study further, what should he study?

    Prior to COVID-19, a large part of my counselling sessions would focus on options that seem suitable and attempt to help the counselee understand the prospect better and make well-informed choices.

    Post COVID-19, a larger part of my counselling sessions focuses on increasing self-awareness. So, through the session, “I peel the onion called the occupational-self further”.

    Let’s say that my counselee was looking at hospitality as a professional option a few weeks back. Now, post the COVID-19 crisis this option no longer looks stable! So, if he sees himself as only a hospitality professional he is sure to feel overwhelmed and helpless.

    So, my counselee needs to change focus. He needs to answer the question which aspect of him makes him a good fit for hospitality? Here is where I start the dialog of “let’s peel the onion further”. Here are some likely attributes of hospitality professionals:

    • Love being with people
    • Have a great sense of aesthetics
    • Great interpersonal social skills
    • Don’t care much for maths sums etc.

    Now when my counselee sees the list above, he can potentially map it to new and emerging careers to see if he makes a good fit for other careers. Interpersonal and social skills can be applied to many careers and these are essential in the current and future world. So, he feels stronger as his strength comes from deeper self-awareness, not from environmental stability. The moment the environment becomes unstable, he knocks at his inner self to get answers. And that is true empowerment.

    And that’s why peeling the onion further can wipe your tears and make you smile! 😊 Career counselling based on an understanding of your inner-self is even more essential in post COVID-19 times. Just make sure you go to an experienced and qualified psychologist to get that understanding.

  • Added On: 13-May-2020 08:05:57 PM