Profile Summary

Profile Summary

Business-savvy, result-oriented expert offering solid credentials, coupled with experience in developing, leading and maximizing performance of both individuals and teams. Rich experience in managing the entire gamut of HRD functions with demonstrated leadership qualities. Expertise in conceptualizing and effectuating policies / modifications in the operating procedures to optimize resource and manpower utilization. Key Driver of Change Management processes that were successfully implemented for reasons as diverse as streamlining operations and controlling attrition level.



Significant Achievements


  • Demonstrated excellence in formulating and implementing policies as per the strategic needs of the organization
  • Successfully implemented modern practices of PMS, training people on factors like KRA and potential development
  • Merit of linking performance and organizational values in SBI Life & IITC Organic India
  • Significantly introduced:
  • Performance Based Reward and Recognitions Systems
  • Effectiveness studies and measured ROI on training
  • Business and individual level training need assessment and competency Assessment
  • Innovative sources for recruitment at front level in SBI Life which was later introduced at PAN level
  • Holds the credit of winning Everest Award within 6 months of joining in ICICI for implementing measures like best practices of recruitment, cost and source mix, etc.
  • Instrumental in realigning compensation and benefit plan, creating a proactive and incentive system in Organic India
  • Pivotal in making small modules Grooming Young Leaders
  • Merit of receiving highest ratings and was recognized as No. 1 HR at Pan Level as per the HR scorecard for consecutive 4 years


Core Competencies



  • Talent Acquisition        
  • Policy Formulation & Implementation    
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Training & Development                       
  • Performance Management       
  • People Management
  • Employee Engagement            
  • Capacity Building                     
  • Business Partnership               




  1. I have an experience of working with varied industries and have worked in 2 greenfield projects. 
  2. Honour of getting work from Alphasites an Internation HR consulting work for 3 times
  3. Deputy president for the State of Uttar Pradesh for Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises 

Advising Module Brief

Availability Time

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Current Location


Language Proficiency



1Post Graduate Diploma (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Advising Module

1 . How to Crack an interview for HR job- as a fresher?

  • Duration (In Hours): 3
  • Total Sessions: 3
  • Duration (In Months): 1 Months
  • Added On: 31-May-2020
  • Specific Details : This module shall help participants have a bird’s eye view of work that is expected from a HR fresher and equip him/her with basic knowledge and skills. It will also help him/her work on skills required for such a job.
  • Education Level: Degree Holders,
  • Criteria: Art,Commerce,Management
  • Topics Covered
    • General Introduction
    • Skills Required for an HR Professional
    • Making an impact on recruiters - your social media
    • HR- what is the objective
    • Recruitment 
    • Payroll
    • Data Management 

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